Asana HQ: Organize Your Business and Life Using Asana


The Step-by-step Guide on How to Organize Your Business and Life Using Asana! 



Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Your to-do list feels never-ending.  
  • You’re bouncing back and forth between tasks and have little to show at the end of the day.  
  • No matter how much coffee you drink, post it notes you stick, or plans you make, you can’t seem to stay focused and get the important things done.  
  • You can’t seem to make progress on your goals.  
  • You feel like a jumbled mess.  
  • You know that if you just had everything organized, you’d run your business more efficiently and grow your business faster. 


Picture this: You feel organized, productive, and are taking action on your plans. 

  • All of your business goals, projects, tasks, ideas, plans, and reminders all in one place.  
  • You have processes and workflows that make working and delegating feel easy.  
  • You feel in charge of your time and you’re making progress on your big goals.  
  • You finish your day feeling accomplished and fulfilled.  
  • Your personal life is organized, too! Your school notes, travel, social events, and personal projects are all organized and streamlined.


A self-study e-course that helps you organize your business and life in one place.


  • When I started my business, I was using too many planners, apps, and systems. No matter how many pretty planners and workbooks I bought, I still wasn't achieving my goals!  
  • I realized that having a traditional to-do list wasn't going to cut it anymore.  
  • And even when I tried using various project management apps, I wasn’t setting them up or using them correctly.  

That's why Asana HQ isn't your average course.

  • You won't just be learning how to use Asana, you'll be getting my signature approach to organizing both your business and life in Asana.  
  • This simple yet powerful method is going to streamline everything you need to get done, and you'll easily see what your biggest priorities are to reach your goals.


As a Project Manager for six and seven figure business owners, I have tried and tested nearly every project management software available.  

Asana is the only project management app that I use in my own business and implement for my clients.  

Whether you're a solopreneur or running a large team, Asana will help you create the headquarters for your business, team, and life.  

Stop relying on paper planners, multiple apps, and sticky notes to make your plans and to-do list!


  • Create Organizations, Workspaces, Teams, Projects, Tasks, and Sub-Tasks.  
  • Have focused conversations with clients and team members directly within the app.
  • Sync your Projects to your calendar.  
  • Automatically send emails from your inbox to Asana as a task.  
  • Color code your Projects.  
  • Create your own Templates and Workflows. and so much more!


Module 1: How to Use Asana

  • Asana Overview
  • Create Your Asana Account
  • Navigating Asana
  • Asana Terminology 
  • Create and Use Teams in Asana
  • Create and Use Projects in Asana
  • Create and use Tasks in Asana
  • Invite Team Members and Guests to Asana
  • iOS and Android
  • Using Asana for Personal and Business

Module 2: Copy and Paste Project Templates

  • How to Use These Project Templates
  • Executive Project Templates
  • Marketing Project Templates
  • Products or Programs Project Templates
  • Services Project Templates
  • Operations Project Templates
  • Personal Project Templates

Module 3: Asana Tips and Tricks

  • Asana Best Practices
  • How to Manage All of Your Tasks in One Place
  • How I Use Asana, Slack, and Google Drive Together
  • How to View Someone Else's Tasks
  • How to Send Emails to Asana
  • How to Change the Email Address Associated with an
  • Organization or Workspace
  • How to Sync Asana to Your Calendar
  • Asana Hacks
  • Using Asana and Zapier Together
  • Third-Party Integrations
  • Free vs Premium Asana


Behind the Scenes of my Asana

Want to know what my Asana account actually looks like?  

In this bonus video, I'll be showing you the inside of my very own Asana Organization:  

  • How I manage my tasks for each day right inside Asana
  • What Teams I have set up to manage my business and life
  • Every Project that I have inside Asana 
  • And more!



"Megan Minns is one of the most organized entrepreneurs I know."  

"Systems and process come naturally to her and the best part is, she knows how to relay her genius to everyone else in a simplified fashion. We implemented Megan's Asana system for project management and it has been one of the best ways to organize our team."  

- Sunny Lenarduzzi


  • Stop spending your time reading blog posts and watching videos about how to get your business organized.  
  • Stop feeling frustrated that both your business and your life feel chaotic and unorganized.  
  • Stop trying to manage your tasks with multiple notebooks, planners, apps, and post-its.  
  • Stop trying one new productivity app after another.
  • Enroll in Asana HQ and start setting up your projects, getting organized, and getting more done.



  • Executive Templates - Whether you're a solopreneur or running a large organization, you need projects for your eyes only. Step into your CEO role with these project templates.  
  • Marketing Templates - Whether you're hosting a podcast, creating videos, or blogging, these project templates can help you get your marketing plan organized!  
  • Product or Program Templates - Creating, launching, and maintaining products and programs can be overwhelming if you don't know where to start. That's where these project templates come in!  
  • Services Templates - Are you a service provider? If so, these project templates were made for you!  
  • Operations Templates - The backend of your business needs attention too. These project templates will help get your operations organized.  
  • Personal Templates - You're more than just your business. As a human being, these project templates will help get your personal life in order too!

“Best Asana course I’ve seen so far. Loved your thorough explanations. Thank you for a great course!!” — JACKIE L.  

“Asana HQ exceeded my expectations. Megan opened my eyes to how usefulness Asana is in managing a solo business. This is one very comprehensive course (and her templates are awesome). Thanks so much Megan! ” — LEE M.  

“Megan...I am a very organized person and love systems. You did an amazing on teaching this. Love that the videos were not super long but to the point. Great examples. I did some along with you. The break downs of the sections were very well named within the module so easily understood. You did not talk too fast which was great. I cannot wait to put this into practice. I will start with my personal life then go into business as I have two, as I so agree you cannot separate the two. I am excited to see how all of this goes together and learn the app as well. I am glad we can go back and revisit. This was so worth the money. ” — LISA L.  

“I loved this course. I’d been dragging my feet for months, overwhelmed with the task of setting up solid project management for my growing team. With just a few hours of easy-to-follow training, Megan Minns got me caught up and now I have a serious game plan to build a powerful resource for my business. Highly recommended.” — LAUREN B.  

“I was blown away by all the templates and information offered in this course! It’s easy to take this and customize it to your own needs, and I’m really impressed with the amount of information, which is provided in small chunks, which are easy to digest! Thank you, Megan! ” — LINDSEY  

“Beyond your basic Asana tutorial, this well thought out course takes you from newbie to pro. The biggest bonus- by seeing Megan’s project management project lists, you get a little “how to” for each. I loved the pacing of the course. She was also able to break the modules down in a way that picking up and starting again throughout the two days it took me to complete the course was super helpful. If you’ve been wondering if Asana is a good choice, the course will convince you you made the right one! ” — GINA G.

"My business would not have grown as fast as it did if it wasn't for Megan's incredible ability to organize, lead, and manage everything about a high-growth online business."

"Megan has given me such an incredible gift by helping me (and my non-linear, creative, deadline-loathing personality) work in a way that is organized and productive. She helps me design the way I work to be effective, giving me the structure someone like me needs to thrive and create impact."  

- Mariah Coz

If you’re ready to ditch the overwhelm, you’re going to love Asana HQ! 


  • You want to learn how to use Asana.  
  • You want done-for-you templates so that you never have to start from scratch again.  
  • You want to learn the best tips and tricks for using Asana. 
  • You want to stop trying to figure it all out on your own.  
  • You want to balance your personal life and your business. 
  • You want to turn your goals into action plans.  
  • You want to stop feeling frustrated and start feeling organized.  
  • You want to learn how to get your clients out of your inbox and into your task list.


"Megan is the kind of secret weapon you need in your business arsenal."

"She teaches you not only how to organize using various systems, but execute, and all with the bigger purpose of achieving your highest priority goals. Learning from her is like a non-stop series of "a-HA" moments!"  

- Beverly Bean

“This course is a serious time saver. Sure I can sit down and create my own Asana templates and projects, but why would I do that when Megan has done it already?!?! It was so easy to copy and past and then do simple edits to fit my business. If you love getting organized and being more productive this course is great. If you love behind the scenes looks at how others run their business, this course is great! Thanks Megan!!” — JENNIFER N.  

“I loved this course!!! It helped me completely organize my Asana tasks and teams and now I feel like I will actually get things done and be able to keep track of what I’m doing! Thanks for creating this course, Megan! The templates are awesome and really helped me get organized. ” — NANCY H.  

“I’ve been taking online courses for many years now, and Asana HQ is my favorite course EVER! It was exciting to go through the course knowing that I would finally have an easily accessible place to write all my ideas, to-do’s and projects in both list format and board format. I love paper planners, I do. But this course is SO good that I’ve been willing to set my beautiful paper planner, stickers and washi tape to the side and focus on being productive. Megan is such a wonderful teacher that I pretty much want to learn everything tech related, productivity related and organization related through her. She’s phenomenal. I’ve had Asana for years, and it wasn’t until taking this course, that I saw Asana’s full potential. And it’s been a life-changer. I’ve never been as productive as I’ve been thanks to this course. And I still get the satisfaction of checking things off in Asana. Take this course, you’ll be so glad you did. ” — HAYDEE M.  

“It’s no secret that entrepreneurs and small business owners have way too much to do and not enough time to do it. And most still track all that “stuff” with post it notes or massive to do lists. That’s a crazy way to run a business. Asana is an amazing tool that can help you organize your business AND your life. But to get the most out of it, it’s important to learn from a trusted expert like Megan Minns. As a project manager, Asana has been my “go to” tool, and I wanted to make sure I knew all the tips and tricks to make the most of it for my business and my clients. And, off course, Megan’s course delivered. I highly recommend Asana HQ for people who newbies and seasoned users alike. It will ramp up your productivity and make your life a whole lot less stressful.” — DENISE O.  

“I had previously been using Trello which was working OK, but I was struggling to keep track of everything. There was no easy way to centralized to-do lists or to set up recurring tasks. I was finding this very difficult. Asana does everything I need and I also love the ability to link the same task to different projects. Megan’s course and templates helped me set up a system that is working so much better.....and I’ve only been using it for 2 weeks and I’m still tweaking. Her course walked me through everything I needed to know about Asana and how to set up projects in a logical and functional way. I loved this course! ” — LINDA K.  

“I purchased Asana HQ based on a recommendation I saw and binge-watched it for the first time in one sitting! I am a current Asana user, and I learned SO MANY helpful techniques and was able to apply them immediately. Megan’s material was easy to follow and organized in a way that made so much sense. With this course, Asana beginners will get the foundation they need to get started with this game-changing system. Current users will learn about features and hacks that will elevate their Asana use. This was the best investment I’ve made in my business in some time! ” — JANA T.

I'm Megan Minns and I can't wait to help you get organized!  

I'm a Productivity Coach who helps online business owners streamline their systems, simplify their tech, and organize their business to get more done the lean way.  

I create done-for-you tools and templates that free up your focus to do the work you love most and free up your time to spend with the people you love most.  

As a business owner who has also managed other six and seven-figure businesses, I know how important it is to create workflows that work for you, so you can achieve your highest priority goals in less time.

I've been using Asana since 2013 and continue to recommend it for entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes!


What is Asana?

Asana is a project management software. You can access Asana via the internet or mobile applications.  

What if I am unhappy with Asana HQ?

Due to the instant access nature of the course, there are no refunds. If you have any questions or if there is anyway we can help, please email us at and we'll do our best to help you however we can!  

Do I have to pay for Asana?

No! This course is based on the assumption that you will be using the free version of Asana. Asana does have a premium version that you can upgrade to if you would like, but it is not required.  

What is included when I enroll?  

Module 1 will teach you how to use Asana. Including how to navigate the app, Asana terminology, and an indepth tutorial on how to use key features of the project management software.  

Module 2 will teach you how to create your own templates in Asana and will give you access to 24 copy and paste project templates.  

Module 3 will teach you how to use Asana for personal and business tasks, best practices, more in depth tutorials, and my best tips and tricks.  

The Bonus Module will show you a behind the scenes look at my very own Asana account.  

When does the course begin?

Asana HQ is self-paced and begins as soon as you enroll! You can enroll now and start immediately or wait a few weeks. Up to you!  

Can I take this course at my own pace?

Yes! This course is entirely self-paced and as soon as you enroll you will have access to every modules, lesson, and template.  

If Asana is free, why should I pay for a course about how to learn it?

How many times have you started a to do list or a project and never finished it? While Asana is the free tool we’ll use to get organized, if you don’t have the right plan or strategy in place, you won’t use it to its fullest potential.  

Can this help a solopreneur?  

Absolutely! My signature process for organizing Asana means that it can work whether you’re a solopreneur or a part of a large team! 

Can this help someone with a big team?  

Absolutely! My signature process for organizing Asana means that it can work whether you’re a solopreneur or a part of a large team! 

How is this different from what is in the Asana knowledge base?

Great question! The Asana knowledge base is full of useful tutorials, but this course is more than just tech tutorials.  

I’m showing you my best tips and tricks and teaching you how to get your business (and life!) organized using Asana as the tool. I've also created 24 copy and paste project templates that cover projects across different topics: Executive Planning, Marketing, Product and Program, Services, Operations, and Personal.  

My current system is fine

I’m so glad to hear that! Does your system help you feel organized? Is all of your stuff - personal and business - in the same place? Do you have a system and workflow in place to capture ideas, build out projects, prioritize, and delegate? If so, then get off this sales page and get back to work! ;) If, however, you’re feeling like you have gaps in your workflow, tasks that keep falling through the cracks, and feel like you’re constantly losing your focus, then this course sounds perfect for you!  

I don’t have time to go through this course

I’ve been there! The reality is that making a positive change takes commitment and time. If you want to stop feeling like a jumbled mess and start feeling like you have it all together, then you’re going to need to dedicate time to going through the course and implementing the strategies and teachings.  

The good news is that I created this course with you in mind! It is easy to digest, easy to watch, and not bloated at all. You’re going to learn exactly what you need to know and I’m going to teach it to you as efficiently as possible. No more wasted time searching and watching videos that don’t help you make an impact.  

Would you say this is more for a service-based business or would it work for a product based one too?

It works for both! As a service provider AND a product based business myself, I've taken both into consideration when creating Asana HQ!  

“I’ve taken other Asana courses before, and while they were somewhat helpful, none of them were as in-depth and relevant as Megan’s Asana HQ course!  

I was going to give up on Asana because I just kept making a mess with my projects and tasks. I came across Megan’s Asana course and thought I would give it one last try. It was an investment for sure, but I got so much value from every module that the time I save by using Asana to manage my business and personal projects is more valuable than my initial investment.  

Megan is thorough and detailed in her descriptions of each topic and she gives real-world and relevant examples of how anyone can use Asana, especially solopreneurs! My favorite video is the one where she teaches how to use the My Tasks pane. I had no idea!! Now it all makes sense and my dashboard isn’t a mish-mash of tasks and projects anymore.  

Thank you, Megan, for making such a comprehensive course, I can love Asana again! ” — CHRISTINE C.  

“I’ve been using Asana for a year now and Asana HQ really opened my eyes to its full potential. Now, I can organize my work, business and personal life in ONE place. And don’t jump ahead like I did! Megan’s step-by-step process, when followed correctly, saves you SO much time and teaches you things that you don’t just learn on your own through trial and error with Asana. Thanks to Megan, I’m off to a new organized world!” — JACQUELINE V.  

“The Asana HQ course has changed my LIFE! I love that Asana is so intuitive but if you don’t know the tips and trick it won’t reach full potential.  

Megan shows in this course how to maximise your Asana. It has made me so excited about having everything about my business and personal life in one place.  

THANK you for creating this course. ” — ZENIA R.  

“I use Asana to maintain both my business and personal tasks. As a daily user, I thought I could skip over Module 1, but Megan’s introductory video encourages students not to. Following orders, I learned several tricks and features that I’ve been missing out on for over a year.  

The templates Megan provides and the structure she uses to house them are so clever. I’ll be using Asana very differently from here on out.  

The value of Asana HQ far exceeds the investment — take the opportunity to streamline your project management now.” — RAE T.  

“As I’m just starting out as a Squarespace web developer, I had a mass of notes, ideas and plans spread all over my notebook and computer. I knew this was not going to work down the line. I needed to get organised now, not when it was too late. Having already been a subscriber to Megan’s site I knew how good she was. So when I saw her new course I was intrigued. It wasn’t a cheap course and it seemed a bit of a risk, but if it did what I hoped for and I could use Asana for free, it seemed worth the risk.  

Having signed up, I binge watched all the very thorough and detailed videos and then went back and implemented what I needed out of it. Megan was keen to emphasise that there was no one way suits everyone approach, because everyones needs are different. What was so good about the course was she didn’t just show you how Asana works, she showed how she adapts it to how it works best for her. The templates that come with the course were a great source of ideas as well and I have already used and adapted several of them.  

I now have projects for things such as repeating tasks, one off events, my wife’s work rota, boat maintenance tasks and a blog post calendar. The biggest ones I have created though, are the step by step processes that I can use for each customer. From initial enquiry, to building the site, to handover. I don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time. Even better I can give the customer access to their project, so they can see what they need to do and when.  

So in summary the course isn’t just a ‘this is how Asana works’, more importantly it demonstrates ‘this is how I use it every day and how you can adapt it for you’. Yes, it is quite expensive but the time I will save and the reduction in stress it will give me, makes it worth the money. It also means that I haven’t had to sign up for a paid plan! Combined with Scrivener where I do all my writing and keep my research, I now have a solid base to work from. I’m sure I will be thanking Megan many times in the months to come. ” — STEVE F.  

“Since months i’ve struggled to organize Asana to serve me (Life and Business) and to get out of my bad burn-out. I kept simplifing and making new projects but in the end i didn’t find my proper workflow to maintain Asana and to come up with good organization within my teams and projects. Everything still felt overwhelming. Two weeks ago i hit a point where i thought now i have it all together but realized within days nope i have not. Then i got an email with the announcement from Megan that she has an Asana Course coming out soon and i was thrilled to enroll as soon as possible. Her content and products have helped me in the past a lot so i didn’t think twice. And what can i say this course is super worth it and took my organization within Asana to the next level. Everything is logical, helpful and easy to follow. I’m so happy again and look forward to put Asana to good use once and for all.  

Megan you did an amazing job here and this course really helps me at the moment while i have to deal with a bad burn out. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.” — SABRINA